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2006 Annual Directed Energy Symposium  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2006 Annual Directed Energy Symposium.
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Symposium Proceedings
Plenary Session
Transitioning Directed Energy
Mr Jay Kistler, Deputy Director for Joint Force Operation, OUSD (AT&L)
Directed Energy Capability Overview
Dr William Baker, Chief Scientist, Directed Energy, Air Force Research Laboratory/DE
Developing High Energy Laser Weapon Systems for the Soldier
Dr Michael Lavan, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Airborne Laser Program Status
Colonel John Daniels, System Program Director, Airborne Laser Program
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office
Mr Mark Neice, Director, HEL JTO
The Space Elevator
Mr Ben Shelef, CEO, The Spaceward Foundation

International/US Solid State Laser Developments
Thin Disk Laser Technology: Present Status and Scaling Future (Abstract only)
Adolf Giesen, University of Stuttgart
High Power Fiber Lasers Solid Core Fibers and Photonic Fibers
Andreas Tunnermann, Fraunhofer Institute
Fiber Lasers for Beam Combination
David Payne, University of Southhampton
Output Power and Reliability of High Power Diode Lasers (Abstract also available)
Detlev Wolff, Jenoptik
Laser Diode Pumped PW Laser and Target Effects (Abstract only)
Friedrich Sauerbrey, Jena
Latest Performance of the Solid State Heat Capacity Laser (SSHCL)
Robert Yamamoto, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Optically-Pumped Mid-IR Semiconductor Lasers (Abstract only)
Andrew Ongstad, Air Force Research Laboratory/DEL

Directed Energy Bioeffects
Measurements and Predicted Effects of Optical Properties for Common Fabrics (Abstract also available)
Nichole Jindra, Air Force Research Laboratory/HE
Observations on Changes in the Content of Tubulin and VEGF Protein in Cell Cultures Exposed to High Power Microwaves, in vitro (Abstract also available)
Martin Risling, Swedish Defence Research Agency
Current HEL Collateral Hazard Assessment Methods at AFRL/HEDO
Daniel Huantes, Northrop Grumman
Mathematical Modeling of Laser and Broadband Optical Radiation Visual Effects (Abstract also available)
William Kosnik, Northrop Grumman IT
High Energy Laser Safety Models Using Dynamic Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions (Abstract only)
Albert Bailey, Northrop Grumman
Thresholds for Infrared Laser Induced Discomfort (Abstract only)
Semih Kumru, Air Force Research Laboratory

Free Electron Laser Technology
The Calculated Emittance of a Photocathode
Kevin Jensen, Naval Research Laboratory
Emission Imaging Techniques for Long Life Photocathode Development
Jonathan Shaw, Naval Research Laboratory
Photoemission Model Development in the 3D Finite-Element Particle-In-Cell Code MICHELLE
John Petillo, Science Applications International Corporation
Performance and Preparation of a Prototype Dispenser Photocathode (Abstract and paper also available)
James Moody, University of Maryland
Airborne Tactical Free-Electron Laser (Abstract and paper also available)
Roy Whitney, Jefferson Laboratory
Experiments Leading to a Megawatt Class High Gain FEL Amplifier (Abstract also available)
James Murphy, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Optically Guided, Compact, High-Power FEL Amplifier for Atmospheric Propagation (Abstract only)
B. Hafizi, Naval Research Laboratory
Simulation of Mirror Distortions in Free-Electron Laser Oscillators
Henry Freund, Science Applications International Corporation

Test and Evaluation Activities
Advanced BRDF
Edwin Pease, Tau Technologies

RF Source Development
Overview of the NRL HPM Program (Abstract only)
Carol Sullivan, Naval Research Laboratory
High Power, High Q Mesoband Sources (Abstract only)
William Prather, Air Force Research Laboratory/DED
Magnetic Priming at the Cathode and Anode of a Relativistic Magnetron (Abstract only)
Brad Hoff, University of Michigan
Oil-Vacuum Interface Design for a Short Rise-Time Pulsed Accelerator for Magnetron Experiments (Abstract only)
Sarita Prasad, University of New Mexico
Investigation of Rapid Start-Up in Relativistic Magnetrons Using the "Eggbeater" Cathode Design (Abstract only)
H. Bosman, University of New Mexico
Experimental Demonstration of a Fast Start of RF Oscillations in a Magnetron Driven by a "Transparent" Cathode (Abstract only)
Andrey Andreev, University of New Mexico
End to End Modeling of HPM Sources, From Pulsed Power to External Structures (Abstract only)
Andrew Greenwood, Air Force Research Laboratory/DEH
High Power Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Equipments (Abstract only)
Jin Soo Choi, Korea Agency for Defense Development
Uplink Antenna Arraying for the Interplanetary Network
Faramaz Davarian, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Modeling and Simulation
Photoinjector-Induced Beam Halo (Abstract also available)
Courtlandt Bohn, Northern Illinois University
Preliminary Modeling of the Effects of High Power Microwaves on Electronic Equipment
David Freund, Johns Hopkins University
Three-Dimensional Modeling of High-Power Microwave Long-Distance Pulse Propagation over Irregular Terrain
David Freund, Johns Hopkins University
3D Self-Consistent CSR Simulation in Waveguides
David Gillingham, University of Maryland
Advances in DE Weapons Representation Using the IEEE DIS Protocol (Abstract also available)
Riley Rainey, SDS International
The Role of Linear Power Partitioning in the Control of Beam Filamentation
D.E. Roskey, University of Arizona
Aperture Analysis Through Electromagnetic Topology: Simulations and Experimental Validation (Abstract only)
S.J. Yakura, Air Force Research Laboratory/DEs
Scaling Law Modeling of Ground Based Laser Energy Transfer to Orbital Assets with the Scaling for HEL and Relay Engagements (SHaRE) MATLAB Toolbox (Abstract only)
Joseph Riley, MZA Associates
Use of the Extreme and Percentile Environmental Reference Tables (ExPERT) in Scaling Law Analysis with the Scaling for HEL and Relay Engagements (SHaRE) MATLAB Toolbox (Abstract only)
Eric Magee, MZA Associates
Comparison of Peak Irradiance and Power in the Bucket Predictions Among Several Scaling Law Models and Wave Optics Codes Over Diverse Low Altitude Operating Regimes
Richard Bartell, Air Force Institute of Technology/CDE
Laser Dogfight Aimpoint Selection
Aaron Birenboim, Tau Technologies
Lethality of a High-Power Solid-State Laser (Abstract only)
Charles Boley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Comparison of Fiber Reference and Zernike Filter Self Referencing Interferometers
Kavita Chand, MZA Associates
High Power Free Electron Lasers for Ship Defense (Abstract only)
Michael Hughes, Advanced Energy Systems
Frequency Domain Modeling of Inhomogeneous Transmission Lines (Abstract only)
Michael Young, NSWC

Materials for Directed Energy
Surface Characterization of Photocathode Materials (Abstract also available)
Joan Yater, Naval Research Laboratory
Investigation of Extrinsic, Compensated, Semi-Insulating Silicon Carbide Photo-Conductive Switches for Directed Energy Applications (Paper also available)
William Nunnally, University of Missouri
Millimeter-Wave Sintering of Polycrystalline Laser Host Materials (Abstract and paper also available)
Arne Fliflet, Naval Research Laboratory

Directed Energy Effects
Waveform Dependence of RF Effects for Several Models of Marine Engines (Abstract only)
Mike Antoniak, Naval Research Laboratory
Transmission Line Modeling of Radiated EED Systems (Abstract only)
Robert Nagele, Naval Research Laboratory

Novel DE Concepts
522W Spectrally Beam Combined Fiber Laser with Near-Diffraction Limited Beam Quality
Thomas Loftus, Aculight Corp
Long-Range Thermal Imaging Using a Millimeter-Wave Heating Source (Abstract also available)
Richard Hubbard, Naval Research Laboratory
Planar Laser Induced Flourescence for Supersonic Flow Visualization (Abstract also available)
Katherine Essenhigh, Air Force Institute of Technology/CDE
Beam Cleanup and Beam Combination in Raman Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers Based on Multimode Fibers
Nathan Terry, Air Force Institute of Technology
Ceramic Sesquioxide Laser Gain Materials for DE Applications (Abstract only)
Vida Castillo, VLOC
An Overview of the Aerospace Relay Mirror System (ARMS) (Abstract only)
William Browning, Boeing SVS
Large, Lightweight, Low Scatter Composite Mirror Development for Relay Applications (Paper only)
H.E. Bennett, Bennett Optical

Power and Thermal Management
Analysis of Power and Thermal Systems for Directed Energy (Abstract only)
Frank Gulczinski, Air Force Research Laboratory/PRPA
A 30 Joule Pulsed Energy Delivery System for Directed Energy (Abstract only)
Clarence Cain, Northrop Grumman
Overview of Power and Thermal Systems for Directed Energy (Abstract also available)
Frank Gulczinski, Air Force Research Laboratory/PRPA
Multi-Fidelity Models for Design and Analysis of Directed Energy Weapon Power Systems (Abstract also available)
Eric Walters, PC Krause
SiC Foam for Thermal Management of DEW High Heat Flux Components (Abstract also available)
Matthew Wright, Ultramet
The Role of Atomic Oxygen in the Damage Threshold and Stress of Ion Beam Sputtered Hafnia Coatings for High Power Free Electron Lasers (Abstract also available)
Carmen Menoni, Colorado State University
Time Domain Simulation of Inductive Output Tubes
Henry Freund, Science Applications International Corporation

Non-Lethal DE Application
JNLWP Vehicle/Vessel Stopping Program (Abstract only)
Scott Griffiths, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
RF Interaction with Explosive Devices (Abstract only)
Mark Rader, Naval Research Laboratory

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
Ultrashort Pulse Laser Acoustic Source Development (Abstract only)
Ted Jones, Naval Research Laboratory

Directed Energy Beam Control
Optical Turbulence Profiling at White Sands Missile Range North Oscura Peak (Abstract only)
Matthew Whiteley, MZA Associates
Scaling Law Modeling of Thermal Blooming in Wave Optics (Abstract only)
Amy Ngwele, MZA Associates
Kalman Estimatation of Anisoplanatic Zernike Tilt (Paper only)
Todd Venema, Air Force Institute of Technology
Adaptive Feedforward Controls for Adaptive Optics Systems (Abstract and paper also available)
Salomon Quintana, CSA Engineering
Aero-Optical Interaction Mechanisms, Robustness, and Optimization in Large Reynolds Number Turbulence (Abstract and paper also available)
Haris Catrakis, University of California - Irvine
Time Accurate Modeling of the Aero-Optic Effect on Sensor Performance Using Hybrid DES CFD (Abstract also available)
Anne-Marie Dorsett, Digital Fusion
Apertures, Sub-Apertures and Corrective Bandwidths (Paper only)
John Siegenthaler, University of Notre Dame

Operational Effectiveness of DE
HEL Tracking and Beam Steering Technologies (Abstract only)
Daniel Mosier, Raytheon
High Energy Laser Propagation in a Maritime Environment with Aerosols (Abstract only)
Richard Fischer, Naval Research Laboratory
Application and Impacts of a Ground-to-Space Cloud Free Line of Sight Probabilities to Air-to-Ground High Energy Laser Engagement Scenarios (Abstract also available)
Steven Fiorino, Air Force Institue of Technology/CDE

Education Workshop Proceedings
High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office Educational Outreach Programs
Don Seeley, Deputy Director, HEL JTO
DEPS Education Program
Sam Blankenship, DEPS
ApplicationDirected Energy Human Capital Development
Marken Houle, AFIT Center for Directed Energy
Cloud Free Line of Sight
Jonathan Eckel, Carnegie Mellon University
Directed Energy Education at Notre Dame
Eric Jumper, University of Notre Dame
Simulated Adaptive-Optic Correction of a Weakly-Compressible Shear Layer using Phase-Lock-Loop Control
Alice Nightingale, University of Notre Dame
The Malley Probe and Turbulent Boundary Layer Research at Notre Dame
DJ Wittich, University of Notre Dame
AF STARBASE@La Luz- The Directed Energy Connection
Gerald Mora, Air Force Research Laboratory
Photonics Education on Kauai
Francis Takahashi, Kauai Community College

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