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2009 DE T&E Conference  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2009 Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Conference.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

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Conference Proceedings

Plenary Session
AFRL Directed Energy Testing and Evaluation
Susan Thornton, Director of the Directed Energy Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
Laser Weapons Test & Evaluation: An Industry Perspective
Stan Crow, Directed Energy Systems, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Maritime Laser Demonstration (MLD) Program
Peter Morrison, Deputy, Naval Air Warfare and Weapons (Code 35) Department, Office of Naval Research
Transitioning from S&T to Acquisition and the Warfighter
John Corley, Eglin AFB

Plenary Panels
High Energy Laser Weapons Progress on the Horizon
Mark Neice, High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office
Directed Energy T&E at Weapons Division
Bob Harriman, U.S. Navy, NAVAIR Ranges Department
Army Directed Energy Capabilities Overview
Brad King, Russ Blundell, Steve Squires, Jeff Brickley, U.S. Army, White Sands Missile Range and Bill Sutton, HELSTF and J. Mark DelGrande, SAIC
Woomera Test Range Operational Capability Brief
Carlos Rendo, Representative for Australia

Session 1: Directed Energy Test Programs
Improved Radio-Frequency Sensors
Jeffrey Schleher, Dave Merrell, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
White Sands Missile Range High Powered Microwave Systems
Russell Blundell, White Sands Missile Range

Session 2.1: Data Collection, Analysis and Sharing - Part I
Combining High Power Fiber Amplifiers Using Passive Phasing
Sami Shakir, Bill Culver, Yuji Starcher, Burke Nelson, George Bates, Jerry Hedrick, Northrop Grumman
Progress Report: A High Energy Laser Target Board for Ground Target Irradiance/Fluence Measurement
David Roberts, Georgia Tech Research Institute and Leonid Glebov, OptiGrate, Inc.
Determination of the Front Surface Temperature of Metal Target Subject to HEL Irradiation
Yuwen Zhang, Frank Feng, J. Chen, University of Missouri
Electro-Optic and Magneto-Optic Sensors for High Power Microwave Applications (Paper also included)
Anthony Garzarella, Dong Ho Wu, Terence Wieting, Naval Research Laboratory

Session 2.2: Data Collection, Analysis and Sharing - Part II
High Energy Laser Airborne Target Irradiance and Imagery Measurement Risk Reduction Test-Bed
Mike Bertin, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
Tri-Service Study 2011
Trung Nguyen, Minh Vuong, PEO STRI
Initial Test Results of the Narrowband Threat Systems-A (NBTS-A) Capability at White Sands Missile Range
J. Mark DelGrande, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
High Energy Laser Ground Target Irradiance Measurement Capability
Mike Bertin, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
Testing HPM Wideband Threat Sources for National Test Ranges
Jeff Schleher, J. Mark DelGrande, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability

Session 3: Modeling and Simulation in Directed Energy Test and Evaluation
NAVAIR HEL Fighter Crew Station
Carlos Falcón, Naval Air Systems Command
Aero-Optic Scaling Effects in Subscale Wind Tunnel Testing
Charles Lynn Sebourn, Dynetics AEDC Group and David Plemmons, Anthony Nelson, Arnold Engineering Development Center

Session 6: Bioeffects/Safety
Directed Energy Range Safety Data Collection (DERSDC)
Timothy Murphy, Envisioneering, Inc.
Development of a Skin Heating and Electric Field (SHEF) Measurement System for In-Situ HPM Testing
Jay Lewis, Ethan Klem, Jeff Piascik, Andrew Dummer, RTI International and Kent Taylor, David Thoms, Aegis Technologies Group

Session 7: Directed Energy Test Science and Technology (DET S&T) Investments
Directed Energy Test (DET) Focus Area Overview
Minh Vuong, Trung Nguyen, Test Resource Management Center DET S&T Focus Area Executing Agent
Inversion Heat Conduction Model for HEL T&E
David Thomas, James Luke, Doug Goddard, Kent Taylor, The AEgis Technologies Group and Ben Blackwell, James Beck, Bob Cochran, Blackwell Consulting and Jay Lewis, RTI International
Precision Radiometric Surface Temperature Sensor (PRST)
Jim Daly, Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC
The Integrated Atmospheric Characterization System (IACS)
David Roberts, G. Gimmestad, J. Stewart, Georgia Tech Research Institute and C. Whiteman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and F. Eaton, AFRL Directed Energy Directorate
Cine-Radiography Imagery Measurement (CRIM)
John Riordan, Bruce Filor, L3 Communications
A Scanning Target Board (STB) for Active Denial Diagnostics: A Phase 3 Progress Report
Michael Zintl, SARA, Inc.
Dual Oscillator for Microwave Generation
Doug Byrne, J. Aurand, ITT and M. Abdalla, M. Skipper, ASR Inc. and D. Giri, Pro-Tech

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