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2008 DE T&E Conference  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2008 Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Conference.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

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Conference Proceedings
Note: Only unclassified, public release presentations, papers, and abstracts are included in these proceedings. Some limited distribution presentations are available through AFRL Directed Energy Engineering and Analysis Center. Please see the listing of our Limited Distribution Proceedings.

Plenary Session
Live Fire Test and Evaluation of Directed Energy
Mr. Rick Sayre, Deputy for LFT&E DOT&E
Meeting Directed Energy Weapons T&E Needs
Mr. Minh Voung, Project Director, Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Capability (DETEC)

Plenary Panel: DE Operational Testing Issues
DE OT&E Issues
Dr. Marion Williams, IDA
T&E: The Materiel Developerís Perspective - Testing for Operational Utility and Suitability
Mr. Jerry Wilson and Mr. Scott McPheeters, Redstone Arsenal
Status and Challenges of ABLís T&E
Capt Steve Medeiros and Capt Daren Gillespie, MDA/AL, Kirtland AFB

Session 1: DET S&T
Test and Evaluation/Science and Technology (T&E/S&T) Program
Minh Vuong, Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Capability (DETEC)
Bi-static Optical Imaging Sensor: Hyperspectral HEL Diagnostic Using Fiber Optic Technology
Brett Bush and L. John Otten, Photon Research Associates; and Nahum Gat and Gordon Scriven, Opto-Knowledge Systems
Temperature and Irradiance Sensor Matrix (TISM)
David Thomas, James Luke, and Kent Taylor, AEgis Technologies; Jay Lewis, RTI International; and Minh Vuong, T&E/S&T Program
Heat Flux Sensor Array (HFSA) and Inverse Heat Transfer Analysis
Yuwen Zhang, J.K Chen, and Frank Feng, University of Missouri
Progress Report: A High Energy Laser Target Board for Ground Target Irradiance/Fluence Measurement (Abstract also included)
David Roberts, Georgia Tech Research Institute and Leonid Glebov, OptiGrate
A Scanning Target Board (STB) to Diagnose High-Power Millimeter-Wave Beams
Michael Zintl, Scientific Applications & Research Associates

Session 2: DE Systems and DE Concepts of Operations
Ultralight, Low Scatter, One Meter HEL Relay Mirror (Abstract only)
H. F. Blazek, Bennett Optical Research
DE-IADS in 2030 - Possibilities, Postulations and Pontifications
Joseph Thill, Air Command and Staff College

Session 3: Modeling and Simulation
Simple Models for Flow Effect on Laser Target Heating and Melting
R. Mark Rennie and Eric Jumper, University of Notre Dame; and Reece Neel, AeroSoft Incorporated
Live/Virtual/Constructive Simulation Environments as an Analysis Tool
Eric Parker, Michael Skroch, and J. Brian Rigdon, Sandia National Laboratories
ACE 07 Directed Energy DIS PDU Experiment Results
Joe Sorroche, ASRC Communications, Ltd.
Predictive Avoidance Methodologies for Satellite Safety During Directed Energy Test and Evaluation (Abstract only)
Andrew Riter, U.S. Army

Session 5: Present and Future DE Range Capabilities
Variation of the Dynamic BRDF Across High Energy Laser Spots (Abstract and paper also included)
Larry McKee, DETEC
Testing of LIDAR System for Turbulence Profiles (Abstract only)
Gary Gimmestad, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Instrumentation for Sampling and Remote Sensing of High Energy Laser Beams Using Space Shuttle Heat Tiles
Ron Phillips, L. Andrews, and D. Wayne, University of Central Florida; J..Stryjewski, A. Tietjen, and M. Wilson, Kennedy Space Center; and T. Horvath, NASA
High Energy Laser Optical Hazard Monitoring System (LOHAZ)
Adam White, USAF, 417 FLTS
High Power Microwave Target Surrogate Materials (Abstract also included)
Jerry Pavlinko, DETEC; and Randall Chapman, Carl Grover, and James Duffey, SAIC
Leaky Coaxial Cable as a Transmitting Antenna for HEMP Shielding Effectiveness Testing (Abstract also included)
Tom Podlesak and Canh Ly, Army Research Laboratory
High Power Microwave Test Target Subsystems Surety (Abstract also included)
Cyndi Mora, DETEC

Poster Session
High Energy Laser Airborne Target Irradiance and Imagery Measurement Capability
Mike Bertin, DETEC
High Energy Laser Ground Target Irradiance Measurement Capability (Abstract also included)
Mike Bertin, DETEC
Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function Results from Outdoor High Energy Laser Testing (Abstract also included)
Larry McKee, DDETEC
High Power Microwave Sensor Suite
Jeff Schleher, Roger Olson, DETEC

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