Event Proceedings
2007 DE T&E Conference  

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2007 Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Conference.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

Attendees List

Conference Proceedings
Plenary Session
Directed Energy and Electric Weapon Systems Program Office
Captain David Kiel, Program Manager, Naval Directed Energy Weapons Program Office
Airborne Laser Program Status
Colonel John Daniels, Director, Airborne Laser Program Office
Navy S&T Strategic Plan - Defining the Strategic Direction for Tomorrow in Directed Energy
Mr. Michael Deitchman, Deputy Chief of Naval Research (Code 35) Head, Air Warfare and Weapons Department
Direct Energy Test and Evaluation Investments
Mr. G. Derrick Hinton, Program Manager, OSD Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program

Technologies for DE T&E Requirements
Directed Energy Test (DET) Focus Area Overview
Amit Kapadia, U.S. Army Program Executive Office - Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation
Progress Report: A Holographic Target Board for Ground Target Irradiance/Fluence Measurement
David Roberts, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Laser Protected Antenna Status Review
Hardy Schreiber, Science Applications International Corporation
Non-Intrusive, Broad-Bandwidth, Optical-Fiber-Coupled Electric and Magnetic Field Sensing Technique for High Power Microwave Detection
John Whitaker, Opteos, Inc.

DE T&E Methodology and Weapon Concepts of Operation
An Infrared Camera Simulation Estimating the Signal-To-Noise Ratio and Spatial Temperature Profile of an ABL-Illuminated Target
David Orth, Air Force Institute of Technology
Tri-Service Study Update Project
Bob Lee, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability

DE Effects/Bioeffects on the Battlefield
HPM Test Hazard Prediction: A New Software Tool to Predict and Visualize Hazards to Personnel and Interference to Electronics
Greg Skidmore, ATK Mission Research
Two-Band Infrared Thermographer for Standoff Temperature Measurements: The Next Generation Instrument (Paper also included)
Julia Rentz Dupuis, OPTRA, Inc

Plenary Panel B: HEL JTO DE Applications
High Energy Lasers As An Effective Directed Energy Weapon
Mr. Mark Neice, High Energy LaserJoint Technology Office

Present and Future DE Range Capabilities
High Energy Laser Ground Target Irradiance Measurement Capability
Mike Bertin, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
HPM NBTS Capability Overview
Cyndi Mora, Directed Energy Test and Evaluation Capability
A Highly Automated and Integrated DETEC HPM Sensor Suite (SS) Instrumentation System
Jory Cafferky, EG&G

Deployment of Modeling and Simulation for DE T&E
HEL Data Fusion for DE Test and Evaluation
Aaron Birenboim, Tau Technologies
Advanced BRDF
Ed Pease, Tau Technologies
Numerical Modeling of Helical Antenna Excited by Transient Waveforms
D.V. Giri, Pro-Tech
Fast Synthetic Scene Generation for DE Applications
Steve Coy, MZA Associates

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