Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2011 Beam Control Conference  

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2011 Beam Control Conference.
Persons with the necessary credentials can obtain copies of the items below by contacting

Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are available for each entry.

Real-Time Atmospheric Turbulence Measurements Using the Three Aperture Scintillometer System (TASS)
John Stryjweski, CSC
Branch Point Mitigation of Thermal Blooming Phase Compensation Instability
Mark Spencer, Air Force Institute of Technology
Turbulence Profiling for Tactical Relay Mirror (TRMS) Test Predictions
Matthew Whiteley, MZA Associates

DE Systems
Beam Alignment Diagnostic for the Navy’s "Laser Weapon System" (LaWS) Incoherent Beam Combining
Terry Brennan, the Optical Sciences Company
Assembly, Integration and Test of the Beam Control Subsystem for the US Army High Energy Laser Technology Demonstrator (HEL TD)
Edward Montgomery, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/ARSTRAT

DE Components
Xinetics High-Power Surface Parallel Actuation Deformable Mirror
Thomas Price, Northrop Grumman AOA-Xinetics
Anamorphic Deformable Mirror for Solid State Laser Correction
Allan Wirth, Northrop Grumman AOA Xinetics
Compact High-Performance Fiber Optic Gyro Technologies for Directed Energy Applications
William Dickson, SA Photonics

Phased Array Beam Control
Phased Array Fire Control Function Mapping (Paper included)
Dan Marker, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDS
Tactical Airborne Applications for Phased Fiber Laser Arrays
Doug Rigdon, AEgis Technologies Group

Target Based Sensing to Coherently Combine Transmitted Beams I
Comparison of Approaches for Coherent Beam Combining (Paper included)
Troy Rhoadarmer, Science Applications International Corporation
Target Based Phase Sensing with Enhanced IPALS (Paper included)
Wesley Green, Air Force Research Laboratory/RDS
Analysis and Simulation Results for Enhanced IPALS
David Mann, the Optical Sciences Company

Aero Optics
Airborne Aero-Optics Laboratory
D. J. Wittich, Air Force Research Laboratory/RD
Aero-Optical and Aero-Mechanical Characterization of Installed Turret Designs using a CFD-based Methodology
William Coirier, Kratos/Digital Fusion Inc.

Target Based Phase Sensing to Coherently Combine Transmitted Beams II
Rough Surface Scattering as Applied to Laser Target Interaction of a Multi-Fiber Laser Source
Mark Spencer, Air Force Institute of Technology
An All-Electronic Alternative to Fast Steering Mirrors for Beam Control
Terry Dorschner, Raytheon Company

Phased Array Components
GPU Processor for High-Bandwidth Compensated Phased Array Imaging
Matthew Whiteley, MZA Associates
Risley Integrated Steering Module (RISM) for DARPA PHAST Demonstration Program
D.J. Adams, Lockheed Martin
Preliminary Evaluation of Fuselage Conformal Aperture Aero-Optics
Matt Whiteley, MZA Associates Corporation
A High-speed & High-power Transmission-mode Adaptive Optic
Andy McKie, Raytheon Company

DE Systems II
Simulations of a Hybrid Active-Segmentation and Fitts Correlator Tracker
Joseph Riley, MZA Associates Corporation

Pointing and Tracking
A Plug-and-Play Controller for Jitter Control in Pointing and Tracking
Yun Wang, Tempest Technologies
Root-Causing Vibration-Induced Jitter in the APT at WSMR
Gabriella Cerrato, Sound Answers Inc.

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