Event Proceedings
2016 Advanced High Power Laser Meeting

The items listed below constitute the proceedings from the 2016 Advanced High Power Laser Meeting.
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Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are included for each entry.

Attendees List

Conference Proceedings

Joint Sessions

Plenary Session
Myths, Legends, and Facts; Reflections of a Star Warrior
Dr. Jim Horkovich, Directed Energy Professional Society
Advanced Beam Control for Locating and Engagement (ABLE)
Dr. Larry Grimes, High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office
Directed Energy Weapons Office Initiatives
Capt David Kiel, USN (ret), Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division
USASMDC/ARSTRAT Army High Energy Laser S&T Overview
Dr. Kip Kendrick, Space and Missile Defense Command
Luncheon Speakers 
Directed Energy Summit 2016
David Stoudt, Booz Allen Hamilton
Directed Energy Professional Society
Mark Neice, DEPS
Beam Control and SSLDTR Joint Session 
MRF® and Its Applications to High Energy Laser Components and Systems (Paper also included)
Christopher Hall and Michael DeMarco, QED Technologies
Design and Performance Analysis of a UAV-Based High Energy Laser Weapon
Antonios Lionis, Keith Cohn, Eugene Paulo, and Conor Pogue, Naval Postgraduate School
SSDLTR, High Power Gas, and Hybrid Lasers Joint Session 
DBR and DFB Lasers in Nd and Yb Doped Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glasses
A.Ryasnyanskiy, V.Smirnov, L.Glebova, O.Mokhun, and A.Glebov, OptiGrate Corp; M. Krainak, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; and L.Glebov, University of Central Florida
Spectral Narrowing and Stabilization of Interband Cascade Laser by Volume Bragg Grating
George Venus, Konstantin Vodopyanov, and Leonid Glebov, University of Central Florida; Vadim Smirnov and Oleksiy Mokhun, OptiGrate Corp; William W.Bewley, Charles D.Merritt Chadwick Canedy Chul, Soo Kim, Igor Vurgaftman, and Jerry Meyer, Naval Research Laboratory; Mijin Kim, Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc.
Thermal Effects in the Gain Medium of Cs DPAL Causing Lasing Degradation
B.V.Zhdanov, M.D.Rotondaro, M.K.Shaffer, and R.J.Knize, US Air Force Academy
Diode Pumped Metastable Xenon Laser
Carl Sanderson, University of Alabama; Amanda Black Clark, Army Space and Missile Defense Command; Tony Hostutler, Air Force Research Lab; Todd Schneider, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; and Michael Heaven, Emory University
Ultra-Narrow Line Diode Laser Systems for Optical Pumping of K, Rb, Cs, Ar and Kr Gases
A.Ryasnyanskiy, L.Chase1, T.Wood, V.Smirnov, O.Mokhun1, and A.Glebov, OptiGrate Corp; L.Glebov, University of Central Florida

Beam Control Conference

Turbulence Measurements/Characterization Session
Characterization and Preliminary Results of a Differential Image Motion Monitor for Atmospheric Turbulence Measurement (Paper also included)
Daniel Whitley, Patrick Reardon, Kira Patty, University of Alabama; Jessie Hazen, Radiance Technologies; and Keff Edwards, Rise Defense Research Services
Tracking & Adaptive Optics Technology Session 
Entry and Exit Facet Laser Damage of Optical Windows with Random Antireflective Surface Structures
Ishwar D.Aggarwal, Jason R.Case, Gopal Sapkota, Christopher R.Wilson, Matthew G.Potter,and Menelaos K.Poutous, University of North Carolina; Lynda E.Busse, L.Brandon Shaw, and Jas S.Sanghera, Naval Research Laboratory
BC Components, Coatings and Diagnostics Session 
Large Aperture Wavefront Sampling for HEL Atmospheric Propagation Model Validation
Brian Patrick, Edward Montgomery IV, and Naveen Vetcha; NeXolve Corporation Carmen Menoni, Colorado State University
Strategies for Incorporating Refraction into Satellite Safety Approaches (Paper also included)
John Dewsnap and Steve Gabriel, SERCO Inc; Ms. H. Witts, JFCC JSpOC; and U.Bhapkar, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Beam Control Modeling Session 
Preliminary Comparison of Atmospheric Characterization using LED Beacons along a Near-Horizontal Propagation Path
Jessie Hazen, Radiance Technologies; Daniel Whitley, University of Alabama; and Keff Edwards, Rise Defense Research Services
A Statistical Learning Method for Aero-Optic Wavefront Prediction
William Burns, University of Notre Dame

Solid State and Diode Laser Review

Fiber Lasers and Systems Session
Photonic Lantern Adaptive Spatial Mode Control in Ytterbium-Doped Few-Moded Fiber Amplifiers
Juan Montoya, Chris Aleshire, Christopher Hwang, Dale Martz, T.Y.Fan, and Dan Ripin, MIT Lincoln Laboratory; and Nicolas Fontaine, Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent,
Modeling of High Power Fiber Amplifiers
Benjamin Ward, United States Air Force Academy
Semiconductor Lasers Session 
980 nm Diode Laser Pump Modules for High Temperature Operation
Daniel Renner, Jenna Campbell, Paul Leisher, and Milan Mashanovitch, Freedom Photonics LLC; and Tadej Semenic and Avijit Bhunia, Teledyne Scientific Co.
Quantum Well Diode Lasers Beyond 2600nm
T.C.Newell, R.Kaspi, A.Lu, and C.Yang, Air Force Research Laboratory; and S.Luong and D.Gianardi, Leidos, Inc.
New Advancements in 793 nm Fiber-Coupled Modules for Tm Fiber Laser Pumping, Including Packages Optimized for Low SWaP Applications
Steven Patterson, DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.
Lightweight, Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode Pump Modules Optimized for Directed Energy Applications
Steven Patterson, DILAS Diode Laser, Inc.

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