Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2016 Advanced High Power Laser Meeting

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2016 Advanced High Power Laser Meeting.
Persons with the necessary credentials can obtain copies of the items below by contacting

Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are available for each entry.

Joint Sessions
Beam Control and SSLDTR Joint Session 
ABLE Modeling and Simulation Efforts
Robert Pawlak, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Challenges of a Laser Beam Director for Near Sea Surface Application (Paper also available)
Marc Jacoby, Optical Physics Co
High Actuator Density Deformable Mirrors for High-Power Lasers
Justin Mansell, MZA Associates Corporation
Raytheon Illumiinator Development
David Mordaunt, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

Beam Control Conference

Turbulence Measurements/Characterization Session
Challenges of Characterization of Atmospheric Properties with Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)
Alex Clark, Kratos Defense

Advanced Beam Control Systems Session
Development and Field Testing of the Navy HEFL Helicopter Beam Director at the AFRL ELTF
Kirk Powell, MZA Associates Corporation
Tracking & Adaptive Optics Technology Session 
Development & Demonstration of Hit-Spot Adaptive Optics
Justin Mansell, MZA Associates Corporation
Acquisition, Tracking, Pointing and Adaptive Optics for the High Energy Laser Beam Control Research Testbed
Brij Agrawal, Naval Postgraduate School
BC Components, Coatings and Diagnostics Session 
Test Validation of the Navy HBDS Beam Control/Fire Control Tactical Simulation
Madison Cole, MZA Associates Corporation
Development of a System for Evaluating a Technique for Aero-Optics Tracking Mitigation
Justin Mansell, MZA Associates Corporation
Beam Control Modeling Session 
Dynamic Acquisition For High Energy Laser (DAFHI) Modeling & Simulation Plan for the Study of Autonomous Target Acquisition in an Aircraft Self-Protect Laser Weapon System Application
Timothy Wolfe, Air Force Research Laboratory, Laser Technology Branch
Aerodynamic Disturbances on Airborne Laser Beam Turrets
Lawrence Sher, Wind Mountain Research Associates

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