Limited Distribution Event Proceedings
2010 Advanced High Power Laser Meeting

The items listed below constitute the unclassified, limited distribution proceedings from the 2010 Advanced High Power Laser Meeting.

Unless otherwise noted, presentations only are available for each entry.

Joint Session Proceedings

FEL and SSDLTR Conferences Joint Session
Thermal and Harmonic Management of High Power Photon Beams
Michelle Shinn, Jefferson Laboratory

Free Electron Laser Conference Sessions
MW Class FEL Start to End Modeling
Dinh Nguyen, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review

Solid State Lasers
Textron's J-HPSSL 100 kW ThinZag® Laser Program
Alexander Mandl, Textron Defense Systems
Thin Disk Laser Performance with Various Cooling Configurations
Tyler Carson, Air Force Research Laboratory/DED

Diode Lasers II
Single Emitter Based High Brightness Diode Lasers with High Brightness and Narrow Linewidth
Stefan Heinemann, Fraunhofer USA

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop

USPL Workshop Session 1
Advanced Short Pulse Filamentation and Interaction Investigations for Standoff Sensing
Martin Richardson, Townes Laser Institute, CREOL

USPL Workshop Session 4
DARPA's USPL Program (Abstract only)
Sheldon Meth, System Planning Corporation

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