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Abstract Listing for 2018 Annual Directed Energy S and T Symposium


Abstracts are listed below according to the conference to which they were submitted. Note that this listing only includes abstracts submitted to-date via our online system. Additional entries are likely; check back often.

Abstract titles, when shown, will link to the abstract content once the appropriate release forms are received.

Advanced High Power Laser Conference
18-AHPL-001: Effects of multi-level kinetics on DPAL beam quality
18-AHPL-002: Enabling Mission Readiness and Conquering Frontiers in Contamination Control::First Contact Polymers Impact on Billion Dollar Projects
18-AHPL-003: Characterization of performance of a conventional Cs DPAL: beam quality, efficiency, gain medium lifetime
18-AHPL-004: Directed Energy Systems Integration Lab (DESIL) MILCON Project
18-AHPL-005: Diode-pumped rare-gas microplasma laser
18-AHPL-006: D1 and D2 Rubidium Lineshapes with High Pressure Rare Gases
18-AHPL-007: Title not released by author
18-AHPL-008: Title not released by author
18-AHPL-009: Development of Crystalline Clad Fibers for All-Crystalline Fiber Lasers
18-AHPL-010: External Cavity Pump Laser for a DPAL Using an Atomic Line Filter
18-AHPL-011: Specialty Fiber Amplifiers for Directed Energy
18-AHPL-012: Scaling Potential of the Diode-Pumped Rare Gas Laser
18-AHPL-013: DPAL Modeling Software Toolkit
18-AHPL-014: A Path Towards 1MW Laser Pump Diodes
18-AHPL-015: Studying the limits to single mode operation in Yb fiber lasers
18-AHPL-016: On the potential for high power thulium lasers at 2µm wavelength
18-AHPL-017: Diamond Raman Lasers – a new paradigm for multi-kW lasers

Beam Control Conference
18-BC-001: Passive Flow Control for an Aircraft Optical Window
18-BC-002: Designing a Branch Point Density Empirical Model Using a Next Generation Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator Design of Experiments Approach
18-BC-003: The Stabilized Shipboard Maritime Atmospheric Characterization System Atmospheric Transmission Measurement (MACS ATM) LIDAR
18-BC-004: Distributed-volume optical turbulence generation in a scaled-laboratory environment using nematic liquid-crystal phase modulators
18-BC-005: Update on Long Range Deep Turbulence Beacon Generated by an Ultrashort Pulse Laser System
18-BC-006: Shipborne Atmospheric Extinction Lidar: Initial Look at Data from CABLE-TRAX Experiment
18-BC-007: Tackling with directed energy “litmus test” of adaptive laser beam projection onto an extended flat metallic surface in atmosphere
18-BC-008: Characterizing atmospheric turbulence over long paths using time-lapse imagery
18-BC-009: Analysis of Tilt Removed Hartmann Turbulence Sensor Data
18-BC-010: Advantages of Quantifying Velocity Structure Function, Cv2, rather than Temperature Structure Function, CT2, to Infer Refractive Structure Function, Cn2
18-BC-011: Investigation of Ship-Induced Optical Turbulence for the High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance (HELIOS)
18-BC-012: Acquisition Sensor Technologies for Operation in Adverse Weather Environments
18-BC-013: Phase Compensation in the Presence of BIL-HEL Wavelength Differences
18-BC-014: Title not released by author
18-BC-015: DAFHI: Validating TacSim
18-BC-016: Title not released by author
18-BC-017: Title not released by author
18-BC-018: Using Differential Temperature Sensors to Measure Cn2 in an Experimental Campaign at West Point
18-BC-019: Aero-Effects Measurements and Modeling Progress
18-BC-020: Use of a Fast Scaling Law Model to Determine Optimal Array Configuration for Incoherent or Coherent Beam Combination
18-BC-021: Title not released by author
18-BC-022: Deformable Mirrors: Bigger, Smaller, and Better
18-BC-023: Tracker modeling and on-sky comparison studies at the Starfire Optical Range
18-BC-024: Using the MACS Wave Optics Code to Assist HELWS Design
18-BC-025: Title not released by author
18-BC-027: Recent Advancements in Laser Induced Damage Testing of HEL Optical Components
18-BC-028: Title not released by author
18-BC-029: Title not released by author
18-BC-030: The CABLE/TRAX Experiment to Improve Vertical Turbulence Profiles

Counter Directed Energy Weapons Conference
18-CDEW-001: Recent Developments at NSRDEC in Microwave Reflective Materials II
18-CDEW-002: High Energy Laser Hardened Coatings
18-CDEW-003: Determining and scaling continuous-wave, laser-induced damage thresholds of thin reflectors
18-CDEW-004: High Power Submillimeter Wave Breakdown of Air
18-CDEW-005: Gradient Metasurfaces for Frequency Selective Diffraction
18-CDEW-006: HEL Materials Hardening of a UAV
18-CDEW-007: Title not released by author
18-CDEW-008: Title not released by author

HEL Lethality Conference
18-HELleth-001: Pulsed ablation of metals and graphite by UV and IR lasers
18-HELleth-002: HEL Effects on Composite Sandwich Topside Panels
18-HELleth-003: Title not released by author
18-HELleth-004: Prediction of Thermal Decomposition Behaviors of Polymer Matrix Composites using Unified Kinetic Model Parameters
18-HELleth-005: Visualization and Scoring of High Energy Laser Engagement Results
18-HELleth-006: The Effects of Rotation Speed, Engagement Power, and Inert Thermal Sinks on the Laser Heating of Cold Rolled Steel Targets
18-HELleth-007: Title not released by author
18-HELleth-008: Title not released by author
18-HELleth-009: Laser induced damage testing of silica windows with hydrophobic antireflective surfaces
18-HELleth-010: Investigation and Selection of Inert Substitutes for the Energetic Content of Munitions in High Energy Laser Effects Research using differential scanning calorimetry
18-HELleth-011: Title not released by author
18-HELleth-012: Experimental Measurement of Hole Formation in Metal as a Function of Angle of Incidence from a HEL
18-HELleth-013: Response of Spring Steel Protective Surfaces to HEL Exposure
18-HELleth-014: Leveraging Lethality: Simulation Experiments
18-HELleth-015: Directed Energy Metrology
18-HELleth-016: Importance of Metrology and Calibration for DoD Electric Weapons
18-HELleth-017: NSWC Corona-NIST Efforts on Metrology and Calibration for DoD Laser Weapons
18-HELleth-018: A UAV-Based HEL Beam-Profiling Target: TigerShrike
18-HELleth-019: Laser Performance Test Results for LWSD
18-HELleth-020: Manned Aviation HEL Vulnerability - Initial Testing and Preliminary Results
18-HELleth-021: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Response to HEL Irradiation
18-HELleth-022: Solid State Laser Testbed (SSLT) Scoring System: Dynamic Engagement Results
18-HELleth-023: Modeling Laser Irradiation of Painted Steel Cylinders
18-HELleth-024: Fixed Wing Small UAV (SUAV) Aimpoint Overview
18-HELleth-025: Key Aspects of HEL Performance

High Power Microwave Conference
18-HPM-001: Prospects of Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches (PCSS) for HPEM Applications
18-HPM-002: A New TM01c-fed Low Profile, High Gain, Leaky Wave HPM antenna
18-HPM-003: Microscale Gas Breakdown and Implications to Electron Emission
18-HPM-004: Fast Rise Time Switches: A Survey
18-HPM-005: Galaxy Software Simulations of Directed Energy: Source Design through Mission Impact
18-HPM-006: Laser triggered EMP/HMP simulator utilizing GaAs PCSS
18-HPM-007: Title not released by author
18-HPM-008: kV and kA class pulsed metallized thin film capacitors
18-HPM-009: Photo- and Electro-luminescence Studies of Silicon-based Photo-switches
18-HPM-010: Photoconductive Solid-State Switches: Tradespace Evaluation
18-HPM-011: Title not released by author
18-HPM-012: Title not released by author
18-HPM-013: Title not released by author
18-HPM-014: Title not released by author
18-HPM-015: Connecting the Dots Between Component Level and Equipment Level EMC Testing
18-HPM-016: Title not released by author

HPM Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Workshop
18-CUAV-001: Development of a sUAS Diagnostic Suite
18-CUAV-002: RF Coupling Mechanisms for sUAS
18-CUAV-003: Automated Experimental Design for UAS HPM Interrogations
18-CUAV-004: Understanding the Propagation of High Power Microwave-Induced Sensor Disruptions on a Small Unmanned Aircraft
18-CUAV-005: Fault Detection and Identification of High Power Microwave Effects on Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
18-CUAV-006: RF Shielding: A Systematic Approach to Design and Fabrication for sUAS
18-CUAV-007: The ONR Short-Pulse Research and Evaluation for sUAS Program: An Overview
18-CUAV-008: Effect of RF Pulse Repetition Frequency on Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
18-CUAV-009: Title not released by author
18-CUAV-010: Outcomes from Recent Evaluations of Counter Unmanned Aerial System Technology
18-CUAV-011: Title not released by author
18-CUAV-012: Title not released by author
18-CUAV-013: Title not released by author
18-CUAV-014: Title not released by author
18-CUAV-015: Title not released by author
18-CUAV-016: Title not released by author
18-CUAV-017: THOR - Tactical HPM Operational Responder

Non-Lethal DE Weapons Conference
18-NLWS-001: Advanced Cold Plates and Controls that Enable Single Loop HEL TMS
18-NLWS-002: High Efficiency 976 nm and 1532 nm Diode Laser Pumps for High Energy Laser Applications
18-NLWS-003: Looking Ahead in Non-Lethal Laser Induced Plasma Effects
18-NLWS-004: Remote generation of RF emission with filament lasers

Ultrashort Pulse Laser Conference
18-USPL-001: Harmonic SWIR and Visible Light Generation in Optical Materials Following Exposure to Mid-IR USPL
18-USPL-002: Mid-IR Laser development at AFRL
18-USPL-003: Filament Thermal Waveguide
18-USPL-004: Measurements of resonant and non-resonant nonlinearities of air constituents at 4 – 5 and 9 – 11 µm
18-USPL-005: Experiment-theory comparison of Metastable Electronic State Approach light-matter interaction model for optical filamentation
18-USPL-006: Development of a single picosecond pulse CO2 laser system for long-wave infrared atmospheric studies
18-USPL-007: Filamentation of 3 ps TW CO2 Laser Pulses in Atmosphere
18-USPL-008: Measurements of microwave radiation from ultrashort pulse interaction with materials
18-USPL-010: Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Nonlinear Effects in Optical Materials induced by Mid-IR Ultra-Short Laser Pulses
18-USPL-011: USPL Plasma and Higher Order Effect Generation Control through Wavefront Shaping
18-USPL-012: E-field resolved simulations of long wavelength mid-IR TW ultrashort pulses over kilometer ranges in realistically modeled atmosphere
18-USPL-013: Designing an Amplifier for a Fully Characterized Yb:KGW Ultra Short Pulsed Laser System
18-USPL-014: Experimental studies in the physics of laser-guided electrical discharge
18-USPL-015: Comparison of microwave radiation from ultrashort pulse interactions with air and dielectrics
18-USPL-016: Title not released by author
18-USPL-017: Enhanced filament ablation
18-USPL-018: Energy exchange between filaments in ultrashort pulse laser propagation
18-USPL-019: Stochastic Parallel Gradient Descent Adaptive Optics for Nonlinearly Focused Laser Propagation in a Turbulent Atmosphere
18-USPL-020: Gas Pressure Dependence of Broadband Microwave Emission from USPL-Generated Filaments
18-USPL-021: Measurements of radiation from ultrashort pulse interaction with materials
18-USPL-022: Worldwide Ultrashort Pulse Laser Development
18-USPL-023: Characterization and modeling of THz radiation from USPL-surface interactions

Wireless Power Beaming Conference
18-WPB-001: Title not released by author
18-WPB-002: Optical Power Transmission with Adaptive Beam Shaping: Approach, Analysis and Proof-of-Concept Field Demonstrations
18-WPB-003: Operational Safety Analysis of Laser Power Beaming
18-WPB-004: Concepts for Power Beaming with Directed Energy Systems and Thermal Receivers
18-WPB-005: Economic Feasibility of Space-Based Solar Power Generation in Remote Mining Applications
18-WPB-006: Laser Beam Wireless Power Transfer Progress Review
18-WPB-007: Uniform Comparisons of Power Beaming Efficiency
18-WPB-008: Safe Operation of Laser Power Beaming Systems
18-WPB-009: Review of Laser Power Beaming Demonstrations by PowerLight Technologies
18-WPB-010: Theoretical Energy-conversion Efficiency for RF Energy Harvesters
18-WPB-011: Criteria for Comparison of Power Beaming Demonstrations
18-WPB-012: A silicon photovoltaic array for demonstrating wireless power transfer
18-WPB-013: Review of High Altitude Wireless Powered Aircraft
18-WPB-014: Progress of the Space Solar Power Initiative
18-WPB-015: Reconfigurable Phased Array with Novel Feeding Architecture
18-WPB-016: Long-Range Power Beaming using Single-Mode Fiber Lasers
18-WPB-017: W-Band Power Beaming

DE Education Workshop
18-EduWksp-001: Thermal Conductance Across a-SiO2/a-SiO2 Interfaces
18-EduWksp-002: The 2017 AFIT Directed Energy Summer Intern Program
18-EduWksp-004: Gas Breakdown Dynamics: From Microscale to Nanoscale
18-EduWksp-005: Experimental Analysis and Theoretical Comparison of Parametric Weather Conditions on Optical Turbulence in a Near Maritime Environment
18-EduWksp-006: Localization and Rapid Detection of High Energy Radiation using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing
18-EduWksp-007: Effects of Directed Near-Infrared Radiation on Saltwater Drops
18-EduWksp-008: Detection and Localization of High Energy Laser Strike using carbon nanotube (CNT) sheet
18-EduWksp-009: Semiconductor Deterioration and Characterization of Laser Radiation Damage
18-EduWksp-010: Heat Transfer Analysis of Thermal Damage Behind Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Skin
18-EduWksp-011: Thermal Effects of Environmental Degradation at Optical Surfaces for Directed Energy Applications
18-EduWksp-012: Optical Frequency Comb Architecture for Amplificaiton of High Repetition Rate Optical Pulses using Coherent Spectral Beam Combining
18-EduWksp-013: Building and Testing a Thermal Conductivity Setup to Measure Laser Gain Materials
18-EduWksp-014: Title not released by author
18-EduWksp-015: Title not released by author
18-EduWksp-016: Solid state lasers controlled by volume holographic elements
18-EduWksp-017: Signal Synthesis Through Back-Door Coupling
18-EduWksp-018: Rare-Earth Nanoparticle Doped Optical Fibers and Fiber Lasers
18-EduWksp-019: Characterizing Effective Complex Permittivity of Anisotropic Epsilon Negative Metamaterial Liner in a Rectangular Waveguide for Metamaterial Enhanced Resistive Wall Amplifiers
18-EduWksp-020: High power fiber laser development at UCF
18-EduWksp-021: Critical Fire Detection using Ion Sensing Techniques
18-EduWksp-022: Measuring Strain on Fiber Using Optical Methods
18-EduWksp-023: Precision Measurements of Alkali-Methane Mixing and Quenching Cross Sections


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