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Abstract Listing for 2018 Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Conference


Abstracts are listed below according to the order they were submitted. Note that this listing only includes abstracts submitted to-date via our online system. Additional entries are likely; check back often.

Abstract titles, when shown, will link to the abstract content once the appropriate release forms are received.

18-DETE-001: Characterizing the Atmosphere With LIDAR: IACS and MACS Results from CABLE/TRAX
18-DETE-002: Smart Mirror Laser Radiometer: High-Accuracy Laser Power Measurements at the Point of Use
18-DETE-003: Observing Currents Inside a Computer Under Attack Using the Differential-Mode Optically-Based Current Sensor (DOCS)
18-DETE-004: United States Air Force’s Directed Energy Weapons Experimentation Campaign
18-DETE-006: Development of Aero-Optical Test Equipment and Methodology for Transonic Wind Tunnels at AEDC
18-DETE-007: Title not released by author
18-DETE-008: Title not released by author
18-DETE-009: Thermal Management Technologies for Directed Energy Weapons
18-DETE-010: Point Mugu Sea Range IACS
18-DETE-013: Evaluation of BITS Calibration
18-DETE-014: Title not released by author
18-DETE-015: Laser Power and Irradiance Meters Calibration
18-DETE-016: Implementation of DoDI 3100.11, The Continuing Evolution of Laser-Satellite Deconfliction
18-DETE-017: Techniques, Analysis, Calibration, and Standards for High Energy Laser Sensors (TACoSHELS) Research Updates and Experimentation Support
18-DETE-018: US Army SMDC Laser Test Plans and Needs
18-DETE-019: HEL vs. Blue Aircraft Survivability Test Site Capabilities
18-DETE-020: LBADS Calibration Against Radiation Pressure Power Meter at HELSTF
18-DETE-021: An Overview of the CABLE/TRAX Field Experiment
18-DETE-022: Turbulence Measurement Systems for Directed Energy Field Testing
18-DETE-023: Flight Test Evaluation of the Aero-Optical Fixed Wing Demonstrator (AeroFWD)
18-DETE-024: RF Spectrum Management and High Power Microwave Weapons: A Review of Current Practices and the Path Forward.
18-DETE-025: Directed Energy Systems Integration Lab (DESIL MILON Project
18-DETE-026: Moving Directed Energy from the lab to the warfighter: Experiment and Experimentation
18-DETE-027: METCAL support to DoD Directed Energy T&E efforts
18-DETE-028: Title not released by author
18-DETE-030: The Joint Laser Deconfliction Safety System (JLDSS)
18-DETE-031: Modeling, Simulation & Analysis for High Energy Laser (HEL) Collateral Hazards
18-DETE-032: Title not released by author
18-DETE-033: Air Force High Energy Laser Calibrations
18-DETE-034: Title not released by author


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