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DoD’s Griffin Eyes Using DE For Space-Based Missile Defense
(posted: 18 April 2018)

Pentagon technology chief Michael Griffin said April 17 that he wants to field a megawatt-class, DE device in space by the late 2020s to protect the United States against hostile long-range missiles. More.

U. S. Air Force Invites Companies to DE Weapons for Base Defense
(posted: 18 April 2018)

Up to four companies could prove their DE weapons can protect military bases against small unmanned aerial vehicles in an experiment this fall that will help shape a potential acquisition program, the Air Force said. More.

Heinrich Sees Accomplishment, Remaining Work in DE
(posted: 3 April 2018)

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) emphasized the momentum built in directed energy and the work that remains to be done in his remarks to the 2018 Directed Energy Summit. More.

DE Engineer/Scientist Sought at Booz Allen Hamilton
(posted: 29 March 2018)

Booz Allen Hamilton is seeking Directed Energy Engineer/Scientist with five or more years of experience with science, technology, research, or development for directed energy systems in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Basic requirements include secret clearance and BA or BS degree. More.

Navy Directed Energy Maturing to Address Evolving Threats
(posted: 29 March 2018)

The technology of directed-energy weapons such as lasers is advancing such that it shows increasing promise of countering future threats, an industry expert said. More.

ARA Develops Silent Sabre Directed Energy Weapon
(posted: 29 March 2018)

Applied Research Associates Inc has developed a 1.5 kw directed energy weapon called Silent Sabre that attaches to a rifle and performs similar to an acetylene torch at a range of 183-274 meters. More.

Russian Troops in Donbas Reportedly Use Blinding Laser Weapons
(posted: 29 March 2018)

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has once again recorded instances of the use of proscribed special-purpose laser weapons by Russian troops in occupied Donbas, eastern Ukraine. More.

Marines Developing JLTV Air-Defense System Armed with Laser Weapon
(posted: 26 March 2018)

The Marine Corps is putting together a new, mobile air-defense weapon system that is mounted on a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and could be armed with lasers to bring down enemy threats from above. More.

The Future of Nonlethal Laser Weapons
(posted: 26 March 2018)

David Law and his fellow scientists at the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program have a mission - giving tools that help fill the gap between shouting and shooting and the technology has come a long way from flashlights flickering at a nighttime checkpoint. More.

U.S. Army Demos Laser on Stryker in Europe
(posted: 26 March 2018)

Col. Dennis Wille, the Army G-3 strategic program chief for U.S. Army Europe, told the Directed Energy Summit audience that a live-fire engagement of the 5-kilowatt Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser demonstrator was recently conducted at the Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany. More.

Senator Heinrich Headlines Directed Energy Summit
(posted: 26 March 2018)

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and founder of the first ever Congressional Directed Energy Caucus, delivered a keynote address at the 2018 Directed Energy Summit in Washington, D.C. More.

Griffin Discusses Future of Directed Energy Weapons
(posted: 22 March 2018)

Michael D. Griffin, the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, spoke this week to more than 500 senior leaders from the U.S. government and defense industry to explore the impact of integrating directed energy capabilities into the national security enterprise at the 2018 Directed Energy Summit in D.C. More.

HPM and HEL Defeat Multiple Drones during U.S. Army Exercise
(posted: 22 March 2018)

Forty-five unmanned aerial vehicles and drones fell out of the sky during a U.S. Army exercise after Raytheon's advanced high-power microwave and laser dune buggy engaged and destroyed them. These common threats were knocked down during a Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment at the U.S. Army Fires Center of Excellence. More.

Laser Weapons May Be Added to KC-135 Stratotankers
(posted: 18 March 2018)

One day, all the KC-135 Stratotankers, like the 19 now based at MacDill Air Force Base, may be equipped with laser weapons to ward off attackers. That’s the vision of Air Force Gen. Carlton Everhart, head of Air Mobility Command, which oversees flying branch operations at MacDill. More.

Russia Has Laser Weapons That Can Take Out Enemies In Less Than A Second
(posted: 14 March 2018)

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov has confirmed that laser weapons previously alluded to by President Vladimir Putin are in service and capable of disarming targets with rapid precision. More.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Tours NSWC Dahlgren
(posted: 14 March 2018)

Japanese Vice Adm. Hideki Yuasa, Capt. Takuro Koroki, and their delegation were bruefed on new and emerging technologies developed at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, including directed energy weapons. More.

Hartke, Ross, Stoudt Elected to DEPS Board
(posted: 11 March 2018)

The Directed Energy Professional Society has introduced two new additions to their Board of Directors, Col. John Hartke and Dr. David Stoudt, as well as announced the reelection of Dr. Sean Ross. More.

Laser Experts Needed at Raytheon
(posted: 6 March 2018)

Raytheon is advertising positions for laser architects, systems engineers, designers and integrators for ground-based and airborne laser systems. The positions generally require U.S. citizenship and the ability to obtain a security clearance. More, More, and More.

NSWCDD is Looking to Hire within the Directed Energy and Pulsed Power Division
(posted: 3 March 2018)

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division is currently hiring scientists and engineers in its Laser Technology and Analysis Branch and the High Energy Laser Controls & Integration Branch within the Directed Energy and Pulsed Power Division. The position announcement will close on 16 March 2018. More.

Russia’s New Laser Can Reportedly Shoot Down Satellites
(posted: 2 March 2018)

Plane-mounted lasers capable of hitting satellites are said to be approaching reality. Russia’s military has reportedly moved a step closer with the country’s engineers creating such a laser. More.

The U.S. Navy Is Funding Lasers and NOT Killing the Railgun (A Correction)
(posted: 2 March 2018)

This story originally stated that the Navy budget killed funding for its railgun project. This was in error—actually, the railgun was moved to a different part of the budget. The full correction follows at the end of the original article. More.

SHiELD – U.S. Air Force’s Aircraft-mounted Laser Weapon
(posted: 2 March 2018)

The US Air Force Research Laboratory recently awarded Lockheed Martin a $26.3m contract to design, develop and produce an aircraft-mounted high-power fibre laser. It forms one part of the Self-protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) programme, which aims to demonstrate the ability of an airborne protective laser system by 2021. More.

Cloudy and a Chance of Rain Need Not Sideline High-Energy Lasers
(posted: 28 February 2018)

Are high-energy lasers (HELs) only “fair-weather” weapons? What specific weather and atmospheric phenomena impact irradiance and how is technology being used to compensate for those effects and maintain HEL effectiveness? More.

Report to Congress on U.S. Army Directed Energy Weapons
(posted: 28 February 2018)

With a number of U.S. Army weapons-related Directed Energy programs showing promise during concept demonstrations and their potential relevance in addressing a number of current and emerging threats to U.S. ground forces, some believe the Army is making progress to field viable DE weapon systems designed to counter rockets, artillery, and mortars and address certain types of short-range air defense threats. More.

Dr. Ryan McBride Receives 2018 ONR Young Investigator Program Award
(posted: 28 February 2018)

Dr. Ryan McBride, University of Michigan, received an award under the 2018 Young Investigator Program for his proposed effort "High-Power Microwave Generation by Compact Linear Transformer Driver Technology." Dr. Ryan Hoffman serves as the program officer for the effort. More.

U.S. Navy Funding Lasers, Killing Railgun
(posted: 14 February 2018)

The U.S. Navy is seeking nearly $300 million in research for a family of laser weapons for the fleet. The 2019 budget provides zero funding for the railgun. More.

U.S. Army Could get Laser for SHORAD in Under 5 Years
(posted: 14 February 2018)

The U.S. Army is going to assess the possibility of putting a 50-kilowatt laser onto its short-range air defense, or SHORAD, objective solution in less than five years, according to the service’s fiscal 2019 budget justification documents released 12 February. More.

Mansell, Merritt, Shattuck New DEPS Fellows
(posted: 13 February 2018)

Dr. Justin Mansell, Dr. Paul Merritt, and Mr. Paul Shattuck are the newest candidates to be invested as Fellows of the Directed Energy Professional Society for their extensive contributions and distinguished service to the DE community. More.

Army to Optimize HEL Lethality
(posted: 13 February 2018)

The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command is developing the 100-kW High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator (HEL TVD) to address counter-RAM requirements. In FY22, the HEL TVD will demonstrate target acquisition, tracking, aimpoint selection and maintenance, to defeat selected rocket, artillery and mortar threats. More.

Manke Receives Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award
(posted: 8 February 2018)

Dr. Gerald Manke II, a Senior Program Scientist at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, received a Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award at the Pentagon for his nationally-recognized leadership in lasers. More.

General Atomics Awarded Navy Contract for High Energy Density Capacitors
(posted: 2 February 2018)

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Navy through the Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC) to develop advanced, high energy density capacitors for use in High Power Microwave (HPM) systems. More.

Navy Orders Laser Weapon Systems from Lockheed Martin
(posted: 30 January 2018)

Naval Sea Systems Command has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract for the Surface Navy Laser Weapon System. Two systems were ordered, one to be installed for testing on the USS Arleigh Burke, and the other to be used for land-based testing. More.

Microwave on Deck Could Down Drones
(posted: 29 January 2018)

Defense contractor BAE Systems is developing a High Powered Microwave deck-mounted array, designed to target incoming air or surface targets with microwave radiation, disrupting their electronics and rendering them useless. More.

Scientists Achieve High Power with New Smaller Laser
(posted: 29 January 2018)

An international team of scientists has produced the first high-powered, randomly polarised laser beam with a "Q switch" laser, which typically emits pulses of light so brief that they're measured in nanoseconds. More.

DOD Research and Engineering Nominee Pledges to Advance DE
(posted: 23 January 2018)

Michael Griffin, nominated for Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, made a pledge to advance DE Weapons programs during a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting this week. More.

Craig Robin Interviewed on DE and C4ISR
(posted: 23 January 2018)

C4ISRNET talked through some implications of directed energy with Dr. Craig A. Robin, the new senior research scientist for directed energy applications at Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command. More.

Peterkin Joins General Atomics as Director of Albuquerque Operations
(posted: 15 January 2018)

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems has announced that Dr. Robert Peterkin joined the organization as director of Operations for the organization’s new Albuquerque, New Mexico office. More.

LPD Portland Will Host ONR Laser Weapon Demonstrator
(posted: 11 January 2018)

Amphibious warship Portland (LPD-27) was tapped by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to host a laser weapon technology demonstration, a laser system that is considered a next-generation follow-on to the Laser Weapon System (LaWS). More.

Registration Opens for 2018 Directed Enegy Summit
(posted: 11 January 2018)

Registration has opened for the 2018 Directed Energy Summit, to be held in Washington, D.C. on 21-22 March. The schedule for the DEPS Directed Energy to D.C. Exhibition, also in D.C. during that week, is coordinated with the schedule of the Summit. More.

U.S. Navy Accelerating Laser Weapon System Deployment
(posted: 9 January 2018)

The U.S. Navy is accelerating efforts to place laser weapon systems on guided missile destroyers. More.

Marines Size Up Laser Weapons
(posted: 8 January 2018)

For the Marines to employ laser weapons, the technologies must be as efficient and as small as possible, says Jeff Tomczak, deputy director of the Science & Technology (S&T) Division at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. More.

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