Directed Energy Education Workshop 2009
6 November 2009 San Antonio, Texas

Education is vital to the Directed Energy community. Fostering the professional growth of current workers in the field and increasing the number of young, new members in the community are important DEPS educational goals. This was the ninth Workshop in a series of DE Education Workshops to advance these goals. The workshops consider current and future Directed Energy education programs around the country. Support for the Workshop has been provided by the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office and by DEPS.

The scope of the workshop included:

  • Programs from K-12 through graduate/post-graduate studies and technical vocational training
  • Professional continuing education
  • Student motivators (scholarships, fellowships, recognitions)
  • Summer internship programs
  • Curriculum development

The Workshop was held on Friday 6 November in San Antonio, Texas. It immediately followed the technical program of the Twelfth Annual Directed Energy Symposium, also held in San Antonio on 2-6 November 2009.

The Directed Energy Education Workshop was held in the Rio Grande Room of the Hyatt Regency, San Antonio.

0800 JTO Overview, Don Seeley
0815 DEPS Overview, Sam Blankenship
0830 2009 AFIT DE Summer Intern Program, Marken Houle, AFIT
0850 Model Comparison for Accurately Predicting Membrane Mirror Deformation and Snap-Down, Michael Steinbock, AFIT
0910 Modeling THz Propagation in Bownout Conditions, Phillip Grice, AFIT
0930 Spectrograph for Use with IR Lasers, Karlene Karrfalt, ARL
0950 Break
1020 Thermal Effects on the Performance of Optics in Use with High Power Lasers, Conor Pogue, NRL
1040 Millimeter Wave Solid-State Reactive Sintering of Nd:YAG Ceramic Laser Host Materials, Chad Stevenson, NRL
1100 The Center of Excellence for High Energy Lasers - A Status Report, David Hostutler, AFRL
1120 Enhancing Science Courses and Laboratories at a Women’s College Using LIDAR, Gary Gimmestad, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Registration and Fees

Attendance at the Education Workshop is free of charge but persons were required to register.


Proceedings of the Workshop will be included in the unclassified Symposium proceedings. Proceedings from previous Workshops are available through the DEPS online store.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Sam Blankenship (505) 998-4910
Donna Storment (505) 998-4910

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