Ninth Annual Directed Energy Symposium
30 October - 2 November 2006 Albuquerque, New Mexico

Co-Sponsored by the
Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate

The Ninth Annual Directed Energy Symposium brought together researchers, managers, and policy makers from government offices, DoD, DoE, and other national laboratories, program offices, the intelligence community, industry, universities, and other scientific and engineering institutions for discussions of current programs, technology efforts, and the future of Directed Energy. This annual Symposium provides a forum for the exchange of technical information in fields related to the development, testing, and fielding of High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Microwave (HPM) systems. A classified visit request was required to attend even the limited distribution (closed-FOUO) sessions.

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  • Invited and contributed technical papers
  • Classified and public sessions
  • Short courses
  • Distinguished plenary speakers
  • Reception
  • Banquet
  • Installation of new DEPS Fellows
  • Introduction of new DEPS Directors
  • Best Paper awards
  • Industrial and government exhibits
  • Companions program
  • Employment opportunities
  • Classified tour of HEL and HPM hardware


The proceedings of the Symposium have been published. These consist of open, public release proceedings and closed session proceedings. Proceedings of the open sessions are available for purchase through the DEPS online store.

The closed sessions proceedings are available only to Symposium attendees with a classified visit request on file, who can obtain instructions for access by contacting Ron Gilletti or Bryon Ellsworth. The closed session proceedings will only be available through 30 June 2007.

Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper awards are made at each Symposium to selected papers in each of three categories: Best HEL Paper, Best HPM Paper, and Best Student Paper. These awards are based on the technical quality, importance to the future of DE, and clarity of the selected papers, as judged by a panel of experts. The awards include a plaque and a monetary award, underwritten by L-3 Communications, a DEPS sponsor.

The best paper awards for this year are:

Best Student Paper
"Performance and Preparation of a Prototype Dispenser Photocathode". The paper was presented at the Symposium by Nathan Moody of University of Maryland, and was co-authored by K.L. Jensen, D.W. Feldman, E.J. Montgomery, P.G. O’Shea, J.E. Yater, and J.L. Shaw.

Best HEL Paper
"Large, Lightweight, Low Scatter, Composite Mirror Development for Relay Applications". The paper was presented by Harold Bennett of Bennett Optical Research, Inc, and was co-authored by N. Delchev, H.F. Blazek, and A.O. Danielson.

Best HPM Paper
"Investigation of Extrensic, Compensated, Semi-Insulating Silicon Carbide Photo-conductive Switches for DE Applications". The paper was presented by William Nunnally of University of Missouri - Columbia, and co-authored by N. Islam, K. Kelkar, and C. Fessler.

Overview Agenda

An overview of the 2006 DE Symposium agenda is presented here, showing sessions and classification.

Monday, 30 October

  • Short Courses
    • Directed Energy 101
    • Introduction to HEL Systems
    • Introduction to HPM Systems
    • Beam Combining and Atmospheric Propagation of HELs for DE Applications
    • Introduction to Turbulence Theory and Modeling for Optics Applications
    • Interaction and Propagation of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
    • Introduction to Beam Control
    • Military Utility Analysis for DE Systems
    • Laser Lethality
    • DE Bioeffects
  • Evening Welcome Reception
    Sponsored by Northrop Grumman

Tuesday, 31 October

  • Plenary Session
    Breakfast, lunch, and breaks sponsored by Northrop Grumman
    • Dr William Baker, Symposium Chair
    • Mr Jay Kistler, Keynote Speaker, Deputy Director for Joint Force Operation, OUSD (AT&L)
    • Dr William Rees Jr., Deputy Undersecretary of Defense
    • Dr Starnes Walker, Technical Advisor and Chief Scientist, ONR
    • Dr Michael Lavan, USASMDC
    • Mr Mark Neice, Director, HEL JTO
    • Col John Daniels, Airborne Laser SPO
    • Mr Mark Neice, HEL JTO
    • Mr Ben Shelef, CEO, The Spaceward Foundation
  • Classified Tours
  • Evening Reception
    Sponsored by Boeing

Wednesday, 1 November

  • Parallel technical sessions
    Lunch sponsored by Textron Systems; Breaks by Hamilton Sundstrand
    • International/US Solid State Laser Developments (open), Dr Vern Schlie, AFRL/DE
    • Directed Energy Bioeffects (open), Dr Michael Murphy, AFRL/HE
    • Free Electron Laser Technology (open), CDR Rich Nguyen, HEL JTO
    • Directed Energy Threats (closed)
    • RF Source Development (closed)
    • Test and Evaluation Activities (closed)
    • RF Source Development (open), Prof Edl Schamiloglu, University of New Mexico
    • Modeling and Simulation I (open), Dr Jed Rowley, SAIC
    • Materials for Directed Energy (open), Dr Matt Domonkos, AFRL/DE
    • Directed Energy Bioeffects (closed)
    • Solid State Laser Development (closed)
    • Directed Energy Effects (closed)
  • Evening Banquet
    Sponsored by Raytheon

Thursday, 2 November

  • Parallel technical sessions
    Breaks sponsored by Boeing
    • Modeling and Simulation II (open), Dr Herman Bosman, University of New Mexico
    • Novel DE Concepts (open), Ms Susan Levine, JNLWD
    • Ultrashort Pulse Lasers (closed)
    • Non-Lethal DE Applications (closed)
    • Power and Thermal Management (closed)
    • Power and Thermal Management (open), Dr Susan Heidger, AFRL/DE
    • Directed Energy Beam Control (open), Mr Jeff Barchers, SAIC
    • Modeling and Simulation (closed)
    • Novel DE Concepts (closed)
    • Operational Effectiveness of DE (closed)
  • HEL JTO MRI Review

Friday, 3 November


Symposium Organizing Committee

Dr. William Baker, AFRL, Chair of the Symposium
Dr. Michael Lavan, SMDC, Co-Chair of the Symposium

Program Committee
Dr Gene Bednarz, Chair, AFRL
Dr Jack Agee, AFOSR
Mr Charles Gilman, SAIC
Dr Roy Hamil, AFRL
Dr Tom Hussey, AFRL
Ms Susan Levine, JNLWD
Dr Guillermo Loubriel, SNL
Dr Sheldon Meth, DARPA
Dr Mike Murphy, AFRL
Mr Mark Neice, JTO
Dr Charles Oberly, AFRL
Ms Birtha Otey, SMDC
Dr Robert Peterkin, SAIC
Mr Quentin Saulter, ONR
Dr Edl Schamiloglu, UNM
Dr Vern Schlie, AFRL
Mr Mike Sheehan, AFRL
Dr Don Shiffler, AFRL
Dr Don Sullivan, ATK
Mr John Tatum, ARL
Mr Ed Utt, 46th TW

Registration and Exhibits
Cynnamon Spain   (505) 998-4910

Short Courses
Donna Storment   (505) 998-4910

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