Directed Energy Test & Evaluation Conference 2007
7-9 August 2007 Albuquerque, New Mexico
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International Test & Evaluation Association


Directed energy is an important and expanding technology area for the military. Taken to include High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Microwave (HPM) systems, DE is creating a new class of weapons. Military test and evaluation is currently adapting to these radically new technologies. New measures, methods, and facilities are required for adequate T&E of these systems.

The purpose of this sixth annual conference was to continue exchanging insights, experiences, and ideas regarding DE T&E. As major DE systems progress through the various phases of T&E, critical questions arise regarding our ability to perform appropriate and affordable T&E. Important issues regarding the vulnerability of other, more conventional systems are also of great interest to the DE T&E community. This conference provided a forum to discuss the current and future issues facing DE T&E. The final program is available here in PDF form.
Petroglyph National Monument, Albuquerque

Conference Highlights
Technical Presentations
Poster Papers
Product and Service Exhibits from Industry, Government, and Academia
Featured Speakers
Panels, Luncheons, and Receptions
Classified and Unclassified Sessions
Golf Tournament


Featured Speakers
Colonel John A. Daniels, Director, Airborne Laser (ABL) Program Office
Captain David Kiel, Program Manager, Naval Directed Energy Weapons Program Office (PMS-405)
Mr. G. Derrick Hinton, Program Manager, Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program

Plenary Panels
Lessons Learned from Active Denial System (ADS) Testing
HEL Joint Technology Office (JTO) Directed Energy Applications

 Introduction to HEL Systems
 Introduction to HPM Systems (FOUO)
 Military Worth Analysis for DE Weapon Systems (FOUO)
 The Credible Use of Modeling and Simulation in T&E
 T&E of HEL Systems (FOUO)
 T&E of HPM Systems (FOUO)


Proceedings from this 2007 DE T&E Conference are available for purchase through the DEPS online store.

Event Committee

Conference Co-Chairs:    
Mr. Patrick M. Cannon 505-881-1003
Mr. Rick Graber 505-944-2133
Technical Program Chairs:    
Mr. Minh Vuong 407-384-5238
Mr. Laury Decker 505-830-6762
Exhibits Chair:    
Mr. Doug Messer 806-335-9641
Cynnamon Spain 505-998-4910
Short Courses:    
Donna Storment 505-998-4910
Ms. Jean Shivar 703-631-6121

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